Our bodies are meant to move.  The less we move , the more we hurt.  The more we hurt, the less we move.

I'm here to help you hurt less and get moving again.

Payments Accepted:  Cash, Credit Card, FSA/HSA/MSA Cards

Insurance:  VA Community Care Network,

UnitedHealthcare CAM Discount Program

A.J. Leigh, LMT, serving Madison County, IL

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and Intuitive Life Coach, with mad compassion for people in pain, working in Granite City, IL. 

As someone who struggled with pain and emotional trauma for over 20 years, I have a passion for helping people facilitate their own healing.

Anima is a latin word that means BREATH, VITAL FORCE, SOUL, and SPIRIT. I chose this word for my healing practice because I believe that SPIRIT is the core of who we are; without being connected to our own soul and spirit, we will wander around feeling lost, and even broken. 

My mission is to help people to feel whole again, by giving them tools and insights that allow them to heal their wounds and embrace who they truly are. 

I offer Therapeutic Massage, Energy Work & Intuitive Life Coaching:

  • to assist in relieving chronic pain in the upper back, neck & shoulders, lower back and hips

  • to assist in relieving pain from conditions such as carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder/torn rotator cuff, pelvic tilt, sciatica, arthritis

  • to assist in restoring range of motion by releasing scar tissue

  • to help you remain healthy during competitive sports

  • for those struggling with depression and/or anxiety

  • to help you reduce the effects of work or school stress

  • for those who are just feeling overwhelmed by life

  • for those who want to have clarity, confidence, and power

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