What is Intuitive Life Coaching?

I am a firm believer that you can't be a truly healthy person on this earth without nurturing your mind and spirit.  I have ancestors from several cultures that have strong mystical traditions including the Celts and the Romans, but identify most closely with my Incan ancestors. 

I use intuition, knowledge, life experience, and practical "mystical" and spiritual tools to bring clarity and purpose to life's challenges. During an Intuitive Life Coaching session, I will perform a reading to get to a starting point and discover the root causes of what is holding you back. After a period of discussion, I will give you some tools and homework to work on whatever came up during session.  You will get focused guidance and a plan to get and keep you moving forward.

I have extensively studied the Law of Attraction and many works based on its principles, including Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life, and completed a 5 part workshop based on implementing the Law of Attraction in your daily life to achieve your dreams.

I have practiced meditation for about 25 years now and became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church in 2016.

Starting when I was 14, I studied Taoism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism and a little Christianity (although not much because I was raised Catholic so.... I've got that one down!), and many other spiritual traditions. 

Over the course of the next 25 years I taught myself to read Tarot and Oracle cards and have dabbled with runes, Ogham fews and the pendulum.  I have studied crystals, incense, herbs, and oils.  I completed an Intro to Tarot course here in St. Louis with Little Fox Tarot about 6 years ago and and about 2 years ago, a class on how to read Oracle cards with Regina of Regina's Realm. 


I don't believe that you ever quit learning - especially if you have a spiritual practice. Spirituality is all about learning and constant growth!

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"Had a wonderful session with AJ! She is my go to for Tarot/Oracle readings. Very knowledgeable of her field. A lot of integrity and a generally good person. My favorite reader in the midwest. I highly reccomend AJ. There is no vagueness to her readings and she easily relates them directly to your life. Incredibly intuitive and gifted!"

-Lolo S.

I have had several readings from AJ. Each reading has been very accurate for what I was dealing with.  -Sherry B.

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