Manual Lymphatic Drainage

AJ Leigh Licensed Massage Therapist

The lymphatic system of the body is the heart of your immune system.  However, it doesn’t have its own pump - e.g., the heart is the pump for the circulatory system.  Lymph gets moved through the body when the body moves. 


When someone has surgery and the lymph vessels are disturbed or lymph nodes are removed, the person is at greater risk to develop lymphedema – localized swelling that occurs when the lymph vessels are blocked or unable to carry lymph fluid away from the tissues.


Lymphatic drainage is a technique that helps to move stagnant lymph due to inactivity or even muscle tension.  This technique can help improve immunity and low energy levels as well as being used to reduce the symptoms of lymphedema.


If you have lymphedema, it is best to start with shorter sessions so that you don’t overwhelm your body with the movement of toxins that the lymph system is responsible for filtering from the body.  Also, if you have lymphedema, or any other condition that renders you immunocompromised, or recently had surgery, a doctor’s order is required before you book this type of session with me.


60 minutes: Ideal for an introductory session or treating a specific affected limb.


90 minutes:  Ideal for a full body treatment, for someone in good health or who has been receiving regular lymphatic drainage treatments and wants to increase the health benefits for their body.


The Immune Booster:  for someone in general good health that wants an edge to stay healthy.  Includes a full body 90 minute manual lymphatic drainage treatment and an ear candling (allow up to 2 ½ hours for full treatment).

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