Clinical Massage

A blend of techniques designed to help with conditions such as chronic overuse, chronic pain and injury recovery as well as relief of  muscular tension.

Any essential oils, energy work, or additional tools are included in the price of the session - no additional charge.

60 minutes         $90

90 minutes          $135

Parental consent is required for clients under 18.

Energy Work

A blend of energy work techniques to help with emotional pain and trauma that may include Reiki,  Crystal Healing, Tuning Forks & Shamanic Techniques.

30 minutes        $60

60 minutes         $90

90 minutes        $125

Distance session

Connect via Facebook video chat at scheduled time

Yes - You may record session

Parental consent is required for clients under 18.

Intuitive Life Coaching

A personal coaching session for guidance regarding finding your life purpose, finding your spiritual path, or navigating life’s problems.  Includes a reading with Tarot and Oracle cards to help provide direction.

up to 15 minutes            $30
up to 30 minutes           $60

 up to 60 minutes        $90

(combo reading/energy work)

Phone Readings $60- up to 30 min by phone or Facebook video chat. Yes:  You may record session

Ages 16+.  Parental consent is required for clients under 18.

AJ Leigh Licensed Massage Therapist

Metaphysical Classes

Tarot Classes:  Guided mentoring to delve into the Tarot and learn to read for yourself and others.

Private and Group classes available.  Group classes must have at least 4 people and no more than 12.

Private Lessons are $90/hour

Classroom Workshops priced as scheduled

Online Workshops - Click the Link below for availability

Metaphysical Classes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very slow moving, light touch technique that can be done through close-fitting clothing (e.g., yoga pants & tank top).

Learn More

60 minutes:  $110

90 minutes:  $165

The Immune Booster:  $215

Parental consent is required for clients under 18.

Guided Meditation

A process in which one or more participants meditate in response to the guidance provided by a trained practitioner or teacher.

Monthly Meditation Night: $20 at the door

A theme is selected and a date set for everyone who attends to participate.

Watch my FaceBook page for dates & themes!

Private Meditation Sessions:  $60/30min        $90/60 minutes

Essential Oils

I'm a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor

If you want to obtain Young Living Essential OIls at wholesale prices, you can sign up by clicking here:

Under who referred you to Young Living, click I was referred by a member and have their ID number. 

In both the boxes (sponsor ID and enroller ID) enter 4094736

Click the gift box to purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES.

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